Behind the driving force of Mr. Kevin McGrath and Mr. Jack Burridge, two Crown Land Surveyors, a meeting was held in St. John’s on May 6, 1938. The purpose of this meeting of representative Land Surveyors was the forming of an Association – a professional body to ensure uniformity and promote a standard of education and experience amongst the members of the surveying profession, so that all work involving the delineation of property boundaries should be performed only by properly qualified people.

However, it wasn’t until 1949 that any great interest was again shown in the formation of an Association of Surveyors. Preliminary meetings were held and a proposed act was drafted and presented to the Provincial Government. Four years and numerous changes later, the Newfoundland Land Surveyors Act was passed.

On June 4, 1953, the first meeting of the Association of Newfoundland Surveyors was held with all the following founding members in attendance: Jack Burridge, Kevin McGrath, Alfred Rees, W.F. Canning, James Canning, Major S.F. Willett, A.R. Penney, T.H. Winter, Bill Walsh, Cyril Parsons, and Ellis Cumby. W.F. Canning was elected the First President, Cyril Parsons Vice President, and Jack Burridge Secretary-Treasurer. All the remaining founding members were councillors.

The first Crown Land Board of Examiners was appointed in 1952 with S.J. Carew as Chairman, J.C. Facey as Secretary, and Kevin McGrath and Jack Burridge as Board Members. The Crown Land Board remained in place until 1963 when this board was replaced by the Board of Examiners for the Association of Newfoundland Land Surveyors.

Today’s council for the Association is elected by the general membership by ballot each year and the results are made known at the annual general meeting which is normally held in early Spring.

Objects of the Association

To establish and maintain standards of professional conduct, knowledge and skill among its members to assure to the general public the proficiency and competency of land surveying in the province and to serve and protect the public interest;

To promote, increase and improve the knowledge, skill, efficiency and proficiency of its members in all matters relating to the profession and practice of land surveying in the province;

To regulate the practice of land surveying in the province and to govern the profession according to this Act and to do all things to advance and protect the interests of members;

To communicate and cooperate with other professional organizations for the advancement and best interest of the profession and of the practice of land surveying.