The Canadian Board of Examiners for Professional Surveyors (CBEPS) establishes, assesses and certifies the academic qualifications of individuals who apply to become land surveyors and/or geomatics professionals in Canada.

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Certificate of Completion

The Certificate of Completion is the end result of what CBEPS does - confirmation that the successful candidate has proven his or her knowledge, is ready to begin the articling process, and can write the professional exams, in whichever province or with the ACLS.

Since 2006, when CBEPS took over from the previous Western Canadian Board of Examiners (WCBELS), and later on the Atlantic Board of Examiners (APBELS), it has issued 382 Certificates, with 45 issued so far this year, and that number will continue to rise when the results of the October examination session are released.

C3 Webinar

Now Available!
To support candidates studying for the challenging C3 - Advanced Surveying exam, UNB professor Dr. James Secord agreed to participate in four webinars hosted by CBEPS.

Candidates were encouraged to ask questions regarding past exams, and questions from the study guide. Dr. Secord also handled follow-up questions posted on the CBEPS candidates' forum, and all four webinars (6 hours in total) were posted on YouTube. The first webinar can be found here, and subsequent webinars can be found on the same channel.

Survey Law Book

The Survey Law in Canada book is currently under development, with a projected completion date in the spring of 2012. However, three chapters are currently available in pdf format: Guide to Aboriginal Law, Water Boundary Issues - Eastern Canada, and Water Boundary Issues - Western Canada.

As each new chapter is finished, we will be offering them for purchase as well. Since the completed manual is still far in the future, it was felt that this was the best way to get the information out to candidates studying for the C9 - Survey Law exam.

We will keep you updated whenever new chapters are available.

We would like to thank our sponsors, who now cover 51 per cent of the cost of the project:

  • All Canadian surveying associations
  • AJ Clarke & Associates Ltd.
  • Bill Chapman
  • Browne Johnson Land Surveyors
  • FKS Land Surveyors
  • International Right of Way Association
  • Mission Geospatial Ltd.
  • Phillips & Stevens
  • Rayworth & Roberts Surveys Ltd.
  • Richard D. Wright
  • Richard J. Wey
  • Terrance Gamble
  • Thompson Conn Ltd.
  • Tulloch Geomatics Inc.
  • Watson & Bernard

Anyone interested in making a donation should contact JC Tétreault at


The CBEPS Accreditation Team is hard at work at the moment, reviewing the Geomatics Engineering programs at the University of New Brunswick. Presently, graduates of the program are exempted from writing all core and elective subjects if they have taken the cadastral option.

Although many factors need to be taken into consideration, hopefully UNB's program covers the CBEPS learning outcomes with sufficient depth to allow for full accreditation. A decision should be made before the end of the year.

College Exemptions
All Canadian colleges with a geomatics program have been invited to apply for exemptions by the Program Evaluation Committee. Colleges apply for individual subjects, supplying program information to demonstrate that the CBEPS learning outcomes are adequately covered. Currently the committee is evaluating an application from College of the North Atlantic.

Candidate Feedback

By: Cameron Twa
The following is an extract of an article written by Cameron Twa, CLS in the Fall 2010 issue of the ACLS Communique newsletter.

The surveying organizations should be proud that they have helped create a program that allows survey technologists to further their education and professional careers. Their recognition that diplomas in survey technology do not have to limit the career path for an individual is very forward thinking compared to other professional organizations where only a university degree is acceptable. I am impressed with the amount of work that the CBEPS organization has put into making studying for exams more effective for the individual candidates. During my time as a candidate I have seen the CBEPS program go through several positive changes. Some of the more impressive changes I have noticed have been:

  • Old exams are readily available on the CBEPS website.
  • The CBEPS forum has made it easier for candidates to meet, discuss and create study groups.
  • The new CBEPS syllabus has updated study guides, text book and reference materials.
  • The CBEPS exemption process has been streamlined and become easier to understand.

October Exams

The recent October exam session saw a total of 131 candidates (both ACLS and CBEPS) writing 212 exams, in 16 locations across Canada.

Marks will be released at the beginning of December.