Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Program

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(Smart Phone Ike)

Spike (smart Phone ike!) is a laser based device that attaches to your phone to ensure that you can rapidly & accurately measure & model an object up to 200 yards (600 ft) away just by taking a snapshot of it.Ike has been designing measurement & modeling systems for some of the most demanding industrial customers the world orver.
GeoEd is a cooperatively developed and maintained internet portal for regional and national learning initiatives on matters related to geomatics. It also provides a forum for sharing learning experiences and opportunities.
Four Point Learning offers courses, seminars and webinars using distance learning methods and technologies. Our goal is to deliver high-value knowledge and practice for Land Surveyors across Canada while maintaining ease of access and flexibility.
SmartForceNL aims to make NL home to the best trained work force in Canada. Theor initiative is providing thousands of online courses free to get us there. SmartForceNL uses the power of CoursePark – the world’s fastest growing learning network for small business.